14 Feb 2017

LatticeAx Cleaving Tool In the Cleanroom at PennState Materials Research Institute

Did you know that you can use the LatticeAx indent and cleaving tool at the PennState Materials Research Institute? The LatticeAx 420 is located in the Nanofabrication Laboratory cleanroom. It has improved the success rates for preparing cleaved samples in comparison to manual techniques using handheld tools. The LatticeAx is simple to use and can cleanly downsize samples or prepare cross sections prior to SEM or other analysis. If you need to prepare samples free of particles in a cleanroom environment, Contact the nanofabrication facility at nanofab@psu.edu.

02 Feb 2017

Scribing and Cleaving Samples Into 1 mm Wide Strips

Some analytical instruments can only accept small samples and with limited height. Sample preparation by scribing and cleaving is often the best solution. LatticeGear’s scribing and cleaving tools are used to prepare narrow samples for high resolution SEM and STEM. The video shows two methods of preparing 1 mm wide strips. One narrow sample was prepared by making a short scribe using a pen style scriber on the edge of the sample and cleaving with Small Sample Pliers . The second example was scribed using the FlipScribe® and cleaved using the Small Sample Pliers. The FlipScribe® creates a straight scribe on the backside of the sample. This is the preferred method when the sample surface needs to be clean, free of particles and damage from the scribing process.

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