20 Feb 2018

Are you interested in why the LatticeScriber is unique?

The LatticeScriber uses an 8 pt diamond scribe for a scribing a wide range of electronic substrates. It is designed to allow scribing with both the facet edge and the facet flat to accommodate different scribing requirements.

Are you scribing with the LatticeScriber? Are you thinking about buying a LatticeScriber?

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18 Jul 2017

Attend “Cleaving and Scribing Reinvented” in Sydney Australia

LatticeGear and NanoTechnology Solutions Partner to Present “Cleaving and Scribing Reinvented!”

How to select the best scribing and cleaving methods, workflows, accessories, and tools to cross-section and downsize your samples? Even glass, silicon and sapphire without saws, lasers or lubricants. Learn and See the LatticeAx, FlipScribe, small sample cleaver (SSC) and new accessories in action. This workshop and live demonstration is offered at no cost. RSVP to: info@nt-s.com.au

18 Jul 2017

Global Foundries Develops A Controlled Mechanical Method for MEMS Decapsulation

Failure analysis (FA) on MEMS devices involves decapsulating the bonded MEMS device. If the decapsulation is destructive and/or contaminating, it will affect the analysis and lead to wrong conclusions.Therefore, it is of great importance to establish a reliable (with high success rate and least damages/risks) approach for MEMS decapsulation.

Download the Poster from IPFA 2107 and learn how engineers at Global Foundries developed a novel method, using the LatticeAx cleaving tool, to decapsulate their MEMS devices.

Map showing LatticeAx 120 base features

LatticeAx indenter decapsulating the MEMS package.









A Controlled Method for MEMS Decapsulation 2.83 MB 35 downloads

Failure analysis (FA) on MEMS devices involves decapsulating the bonded MEMS device....




28 Jun 2017

LatticeGear LLC Announces New Representation in China

LatticeGear LLC Announces New Representation in China for Their Innovative Cleaving and Scribing Solutions for Electronics Failure Analysis and Materials Research

LatticeGear will introduce Hong Kong Guanghong International Co., Ltd. at the 24th International Symposium on the Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits (IPFA 2017) in Chengdu, China, 4-7 July 2017.

Beaverton, Oregon, USA June 27, 2017: LatticeGear LLC has selected Hong Kong Guangdong International Co., Ltd. (GHITC) to represent and distribute their innovative cleaving and scribing solutions in China. Hong Kong Guangdong International Co. Ltd. is LatticeGear’s fifth sale channel partner in Asia-Pacific, further reinforcing LatticeGear’s commitment to providing excellent and timely customer support to this region.

“We are very excited to introduce our new partner at IPFA 2017,” said Efrat Moyal, Co-Founder of LatticeGear. “Hong Kong Guangdong International Co., Ltd. has a very strong background in both semiconductor failure analysis and electron microscopy. Their ability to relate to customer challenges when it comes to preparing a variety of samples will be a great asset for not only identifying the best solutions for a particular use case, but also for helping customers improve their sample preparation success rates.”

“It is our pleasure to cooperate with LatticeGear to bring high quality, high accuracy, yet very easy to use cleaving and scribing systems to China,” states Michael Heng, Sales Director at Hong Kong Guangdong International Co. Ltd. “We expect that the LatticeGear systems will be in demand in China for sample preparation because they are cleanroom compatible, high accuracy and offer reproducibility for routine tasks, all at a price that is affordable for most customers.”

Visit LatticeGear in Stand 40 at IPFA 2017, 4-7 July 2017, in Chengdu, China, to meet the team from Hong Kong Guangdong International, and see the innovative LatticeAx® scribeless cleaving system and FlipScribe® backside scriber, among other LatticeGear solutions.

About LatticeGear LLC

LatticeGear was founded in 2012 by two women with extensive experience in the semiconductor industry who believed passionately that materials cleaving and scribing should be easy and fast.   LatticeGear specializes in cleaving and scribing solutions and the resources that enable their users to quickly achieve clean, straight cross sections and precision sample downsizing for materials characterization, research and development as well as failure analysis. The innovative LatticeAx® scribeless cleaving system and FlipScribe® back side scribing tool are easy to use, delivering the flexible, repeatable and high accuracy processes to meet stringent sample preparation requirements, even in the cleanroom. Learn more at http://www.latticegear.com/.

About Hong Kong Guanghong International Co., Ltd. (GHITC)
GHITC provides sales and service for nanotechnology-related equipment, supporting both semiconductor failure analysis and materials research applications from their headquarters in Shanghai. Their team includes experts in electron microscopy, as well as in the semiconductor industry. Within China, learn more at www.ghitcsh.com.


Efrat Moyal, LatticeGear LLC

Michael Heng, Hong Kong Guanghong International Co., Ltd

04 Apr 2017

Niels Bohr Institute Researchers Successfully Cleave Delicate Nanostructures

Scientists in the Quantum Photonics Group at the Niels Bohr Institute of the University of Copenhagen who are developing new technologies for photonic and quantum-information applications used the LatticeAx to alleviate one of their biggest sample preparation challenges: precise cleaves on small samples without damaging delicate fabricated nanostructures. Scientists are engaged in leading edge research to investigate the quantum interactions between light and nanophotonic semiconductor materials. They needed a way to cleave small sample without damaging the delicate devices. Cleaving using hand held scribers and cleaving tools did not produce the quality needed but the LatticeAx 420 cleaving system was able to do the job.


14 Nov 2016

High quality downsizing by LatticeAx cleaving improves planar polishing accuracy and success rates

At ISTFA 2016 in Fort Worth, Texas LatticeGear presented customer results describing how the LatticeAx indenting and cleaving system was used for precise downsizing of a <100 micron thin die that was removed from its package prior to delayering. Delayering a thin, fragile die (layer by layer, edge to edge) is a manual process, an art. Typical downsizing methods such as sawing or manual cleaving can be difficult to control resulting in fractured die and lost targets. A LatticeAx tool owner developed an innovative downsizing solution using the micro line “indent to cleave” process. It is a hands free, 2 minute process. The application is most appealing when the target area is known and the sample thin <100 microns. The following images show the process. Contact lg@latticegear.com for more information on this application.

14 Nov 2016

LatticeGear demonstrated the new LatticeAx 225 at ISTFA 2016

LatticeGear exhibited at ISTFA 2016 in Fort Worth, Texas, November 8-9. A full suite of cleaving and scribing tools was demonstrated. The tools included the new LatticeAx 225 high accuracy indenting and cleaving system, small sample pliers and the FlipScribe backside scriber. LatticeGear also presented a presentation called “Using Micro line indentation to downsize thin and out-of-package-die”. It was a good time to learn about best practices for sample preparation of electronic devices and to catch up with colleagues in the industry.

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