21 Sep 2018

Don’t Miss the Industrial Session at ESREF- LatticeGear to Present Scribing and Cleaving Solutions!

LatticeGear to Present at ESREF

Do not miss, LatticeGear talk at the Industrial Session on Tuesday at 2:20pm: Scribing and CLEAVING SOLUTIONS in Nanofab and Research – technologies, workflows and uses cases.

See the LatticeAx and FlipScribe patented technologies in the Omni Booth #23

LatticeGear will demonstrate its patented technologies at ESREF 2018, Oct 2-4 in Aalborg, Denmark – Omni Booth #23: For general information about ESREF Click here

Cleaved Wave guide-Quantum Photonics Group, Niels Bohr Institute

04 Sep 2018

Visit LatticeGear at JSAP 2018 September 18-21

Visit LatticeGear at Hisol booth

Demo our scribeless, cleanroom compatible LatticeAx® cleaving system and FlipScribe® ,the only, backside scriber

DO NOT MISS, LatticeGear Luncheon Seminar

Scribeless cleaving method for glass, sapphire, III-V, SiC and silicon. Surface touchless scribing tool to protect frontside features, ideal for compound substrates and off-crystalline cleaving. Cleanroom compatible.

Online Reservation Deadline : Noon on September 10 (Mon.), 2018 – https://meeting.jsap.or.jp/english/luncheon-seminars

Cleaving sapphire with sample cleaving pliers

30 Aug 2018
12 Jul 2018
26 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2017

LatticeGear is heading to Semicon SEA

LatticeGear is heading to Semicon SEA to participate in the workshop: Effective Failure Analysis in the age of Internet-of-Things (IoT) chaired by Dr. GOH Szu Huat of Global Foundries, Singapore Pte Ltd. Learn more about the workshop and register here https://lnkd.in/eaXPYN3

Here is the conference abstract:

In today’s age of IoT proliferation, people are more connected than ever in their daily activities by a broad array of systems and sensors found in smartphones, tablets, electric cars, visuals or wearables. By the year 2020, according to various sources, it is estimated that about 50 to 100 billion devices will be electronically connected to the internet. To support this exponential growth, integrated circuits and package modules technologies that are found in such IoT devices is advancing at a pace that is so rapid that it is important for failure analysis approaches to keep up with the changes. It is no longer how well we debug failures but how fast we resolve the issues. Employing the most effective diagnostic methodology and tool is critical to ensure quality and timely failure root cause analysis.

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02 Feb 2017

Scribing and Cleaving Samples Into 1 mm Wide Strips

Some analytical instruments can only accept small samples and with limited height. Sample preparation by scribing and cleaving is often the best solution. LatticeGear’s scribing and cleaving tools are used to prepare narrow samples for high resolution SEM and STEM. The video shows two methods of preparing 1 mm wide strips. One narrow sample was prepared by making a short scribe using a pen style scriber on the edge of the sample and cleaving with Small Sample Pliers . The second example was scribed using the FlipScribe® and cleaved using the Small Sample Pliers. The FlipScribe® creates a straight scribe on the backside of the sample. This is the preferred method when the sample surface needs to be clean, free of particles and damage from the scribing process.

09 Jan 2017

LatticeGear Introduces Small Sample Cleaving Pliers

Have you had trouble cleaving small samples? LatticeGear introduces our Small Sample Cleaving Pliers and Scribing and Cleaving Kit for Small Samples. The custom handheld cleaving pliers can cleave samples into pieces from 1 – 30 mm with soft nylon covered jaws that do not damage your sample. These new accessories can be purchased on the eStore.

Sample cleaved with small sample cleaving pliers

Sample cleaved with small sample cleaving pliers

GC-SSKIT-200 Scribing and Cleaving Kit for Small Samples

GC-SSKIT-200 Scribing and Cleaving Kit for Small Samples


Small Sample Cleaving Pliers


09 Aug 2016

Cleaving Copper C4 Bumps

The LatticeAx was a key component of the sample preparation workflow for preparing copper C4 bumps for examination in the SEM. The results revealed the bump-metallization interface. The process was more cost effective and could be achieved much faster in comparison to using a focused ion beam (FIB) instrument. Read More

SEM image of bump-metallization interface

SEM image of bump-metallization interface

09 Aug 2016

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