Downsizing Samples for SEM/AFM/Surface Analysis

How do you downsize Si, Glass, Sapphire cleanly?

-Use the FlipScribe!

Many analytical instruments have restrictions on the size of sample that can be accommodated. This can be due to stage travel, loadlocks and sample chamber dimensions to name a few examples. This requires the samples, whether they are full wafers or coupons to be “downsized” prior to analysis. Most analytical techniques also require the sample surfaces to be clean and unaltered, otherwise results may be inaccurate.

This applications note demonstrates a simple way to downsize samples prior to analysis using the FlipScribe scribing tool. The FlipScribe is unique as it scribes the backside of the sample, leaving the frontside untouched. In addition, the video focuses on downsizing form a 1cm square sample to a small, 4×3 mm sample size.

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