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Learn how our customers are integrating cleaving and scribing into sample preparation workflows for silicon, sapphire, III-V, glass and more.

Watch the videos and see the LatticeAx and FlipScribe in Action

Purchase scribing and cleaving kits and sample preparation accessories 24/7 online!

“To our great surprise, the microline indentation method performed by the LatticeAx is capable of initiating a clean, repeatable, mirror-finish cross-section through the glass slide in just seconds, without damage to the sample on the surface. This is critical for our research and allowed us to replace our dirty scribe and break process.”

-Dr. Trevor Clarke, Penn State

“We use the FlipScribe to quickly downsize our wafers for further processing in our lab. Relative to wafer dicing, the Flipscribe is a cost effective solution that reduces waste and improves turn-around-time.”

-R&D Engineer

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