How to use LatticeGear Cleaving and Scribing Tools

LatticeAx 420 Cleaving Process

How to set the height and tilt of the FlipScribe Scriber

Scribing at 45 degrees using the FlipScribe and Custom Holders

Loading a sample into the FlipScribe holder for small samples

Use the LatticeAx to downsize substrates or making SEM ready cross sections with the. It accurately indents prior to cleaving for the highest accuracy sample preparation performance.

The FlipScribe is a scribing tool with a scriber that scribes the back of the sample. The diamond scriber, tilt and height are adjustable. This video shows how to adjust it.

When the lithography is printed at 45 degrees to the crystal orientation (typical with memory) cleaving also needs to be performed at 45 degrees. See how it is done using a special holder and the FlipScribe.

Load and sample into the small sample holder and also see how to cleave it with the small sample pliers.

Downsizing a whole wafer using handheld scribing and cleaving tools


Using tools from LatticeGear’s scribing and cleaving kits you can cleanly downsize a whole wafer. See how it is done.

Applications Videos


Delid of MEMS Device Using the LatticeAx

Use of the LatticeAx 120 to Cleave Glass and Silicon

Cleaving a Hard Disk with the LatticeAx

Downsizing Samples Prior to Examination in A SEM With Height Restrictions

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Cleaving Thick and Thin Glass

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Scribing glass with the FlipScribe

Downsizing a silicon (111) wafer with the FlipScribe and 4″ holder

Cleaving Samples into Narrow Strips

Use of FlipScribe Sample Holders to Cleave Small Samples

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Read more about the FlipScribe and LatticeGear’s Small Sample Pliers

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Downsizing samples for SEM/AFM/Surface Analysis

Cleaving Die from a wafer with 111 orientation

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Accessories and Consumables

Changing the LatticeAx diamond indenter

Installing the Large Sample Platform

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Other Interesting Videos

See how a wafer with (111) crystal orientation cleaves

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