LatticeAx® – Micro line Indent and Cleaving Systems

LatticeAx 120

Learn about the features and benefits of the LatticeAx platform including making an accurate “weak point” and cleaving the sample.

LatticeAx 225

The LatticeAx 225 makes accurate cleaving simple and repeatable. Watch it at work!

LatticeAx 420

The LatticeAx 420 is LatticeGear’s highest performance indenting and cleaving tool. See it’s high resolution microscope and integrated digital camera in action.

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FlipScribe® Scribing Machine

FlipScribe 100

Need to cleave a sample but can’t touch or damage the surface? Use the FlipScribe backside scribing tool.

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Small Sample Cleaver-Handheld Cleaving Tool

Already have a way to create the scribe or indent on a small sample but need to cleave accurately without excessive handling. See how to use unique holders (no screws or springs) to process the sample and cleave with the Small Sample Cleaver (SSC).

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Using Cleanbreak Pliers

This video will show you how to use your Cleanbreak pliers to get the best results on a wide variety of samples. It will also explain which jaws to use for your application and how to install and remove the replaceable jaws.

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