FlexScribe Station NEW!

Downsize, “Dice” and Cross- Section

The FlexScribe, scribing tool, is LatticeGear’s latest sample preparation solution. It compliments the patented FlipScribe and LatticeAx scribing and cleaving solutions. The Flexscribe Station is a topside scriber, superfast, clean, simple station for downsizing by scribing. With a single platform, it scribes large samples up to 200 mm to samples down to 5 mm without restrictions on shape or thickness. Scribe a wide variety of crystalline and amorphous materials.

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Applications Gallery

Wafers, Small samples, Strips, Die Singulation “Dicing” , Glass, Sapphire the flexible scriber for every lab!


  • Can scribe samples with irregular edges of any shape or thickness
  • Single tool handles wafers and samples from 200 mm to 5 mm
  • Makes straight, repeatable, scribes regardless of user
  • Scribes glass, silicon, III-V, sapphire and other crystalline and amorphous material


  • Scribes thin and think samples of any shape
  • Placed on a self-healing cleaving mat, samples are protected from damage 
  • Cleaving mat is ruled to scribe samples of specific dimensions
  • Easy to keep clean, clean with IPA or water
  • No power, no computers, no maintenance


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