Small Sample Cleaver

Accessory for Cleaving Small Samples

The SSC cleaves small samples that have previously been indented or scribed. Its unique magnetic holders secure the sample during indenting and cleaving.

  • Secure the sample in the magnetic holder included with the SSC and transfer it to the LatticeAx
  • While in the holder, accurately indent using the LatticeAx
  • For use without the LatticeAx, scribe the sample manually
  • Transfer the indented sample to the SSC for cleaving and position the indent over the pin
  • Press on the white dots until the sample cleaves
  • No more handling samples directly with fingers. No more screws, springs or pins.
  • Safely cleave samples as small as 4 mm by 3 mm into 2 mm wide pieces accurately and repeatedly.

Watch the movie

Sample on the LatticeAx, ready for indenting

2 X 6 mm samples cleaved with the SSC

2 X 6 mm samples cleaved with the SSC








  • Addresses the need to cleave small samples without loss of material or damage
  • Accurate and repeatable cleaving of small samples without excessive handling
  • Can be operated securely with gloved hands
  • Flexible sample handling. Hold-downs accepts samples of various widths (3-15 mm) and thickness (200-900 µm)
  • Easy to use


  • The small sample cleaver (SSC) base comes with 4 magnetic hold-downs for samples from 200-900 µm thick
  • Use the sample hold-downs to securely transfer the sample to the LatticeAx for indent, then back to the SSC for cleaving
  • Two cleaving pins for cleaving a variety of sample types
  • Gauge sets the sample for an 0.5 mm indent versus the standard 1 mm indent on the LatticeAx
  • A storage case secures all components.

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