LatticeAx Accessories and Consumables:

The large sample and whole wafer cleaving accessory (LSPL) supports samples up to 300 mm during indenting and cleaving. The LSPL package includes the large sample support and the indenter position extender knob. The LSPL fits on all LatticeAx models.

The SSC cleaves small samples that have previously been indented or scribed. Its unique magnetic holders secure the sample during indenting and cleaving.

Standard diamond indenter for the LatticeAx. Good for a wide range of materials. The LatticeAx indenter is easily replaced by the user and comes with screws, allen wrench.

High angle diamond indenter for the LatticeAx. Standard 1 mm indent. Polished end for improved positioning. Indenter is has a 60 degree angle and is used for applications that routinely require cleaving targets with ultra high accuracy.

LatticeAx “Short” Indent Diamond Indenter is used when targets are close to the sample edge or the sample is fragile (thin) or small. It is installed in the same shank as the standard indenter.

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This scribing and cleaving kit includes small sample pliers, pen style diamond scriber, tweezers, ruler and marker in a handy case.

The Cleaving Station is LatticeGear’s most comprehensive package for scribing and cleaving. It includes 4 scribers for marking and scribing and pliers for large and small samples.

Make sure you have everything to set up your cleaving workflow. This package includes 2 spare LatticeAx diamond indenters and everything necessary for cleaving large substrate, wafers and pieces.

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