LatticeAx 420

The Ultimate High Accuracy Indent and Cleaving System

LatticeAx420 is LatticeGear’s highest performance cleaving solution LatticeAx 420 delivers our highest cleaving accuracy of 10-μm in <5 min making it ideal for the lab that values speed and high accuracy while at the same time needing to accommodate a variety of sample sizes, thicknesses and materials.  The patent pending LatticeAx base is integrated with a complete vision package that includes a monocular microscope with 4-μm optical resolution, color CCD camera and real-time image acquisition and display software, and an X-Y stage.  This dedicated cleaving workstation is designed so any user can used to survey, align, micro-indent, cleave, and inspect processed samples.

Lattice Ax 420 - Lattice Gear Products

See how the LatticeAx 420 works!


  • High Accuracy positioning of micro-line indent with high quality cleaving in a single tool
  • Fast sample processing increases laboratory productivity
  • Reduces bottleneck at costly, high demand sample preparation tools
  • Low entry cost and no service cost
  • Cleaves a wide range of materials and sample sizes
  • Simple to use, ergonomic design and small footprint


  • All the features of the LatticeAx 120 base tool
  • High accuracy positioning of target (±10 µm)
  • LatticeGear custom built: small footprint, industrial platform
  • Focus mount with coarse and fine focus control
  • Monocular, parfocal, zoom lens (.58-7x mag) with color CCD camera*
  • Indent position control with 5 µm step size
  • Polished tip diamond indenter
  • 5 minute process sample setup to cleave
  • Clock dial for indent calibration

*computer and monitor not included

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