LatticeAx 225

Accurate Indent and Cleaving System

The addition of high magnification imaging enables accurate indenting resulting in samples cleaved with high accuracy. The LatticeAx 225 delivers 20-μm accuracy with high quality cleaved surfaces in 5-min. It integrates the patent pending LatticeAx base with an industrial platform customized for indenting and cleaving. The imaging package includes a focusing mount, a digital microscope with polarizer and real-time image acquisition and display software. With realtime imaging the indent is placed accurately with respect to the target making cleaving sample target simple and fast for all users. The 220 accepts samples with a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and materials.

Featured Application

The LatticeAx 225 combined with the Large Sample Platform for LatticeAx (MC-LSPL-200) is commonly used to downsize wafers up to 300mm. It can indent and cleave cleanly, not generating excessive silicon dust and resulting in clean edges. Because of the accuracy of the indent die can be excised without loss of material.

300 mm wafer cleaved by the LatticeAx


  • ±20 microns cleaving accuracy
  • Accurate and Repeatable Indent and Cleave
  • Clean and high quality mirror finish cleaved face
  • Simple to operate
  • No maintenance contracts


  • All the features of the LatticeAx 120 base tool
  • Robust workstation platform designed for indenting and cleaving
  • USB2 digital microscope with realtime digital imaging interface*
  • Microscope mount with fine focus control
  • Vacuum pump to secure sample with pneumatic valve switch


*Computer not included


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